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The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012)

The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012) A Film By Felix Van Groeningen Okay, so what we have here is a Belgium film with a bluegrass soundtrack, sound odd? Perhaps, but it works on various… Continue reading

Starlet (2012)

Starlet (2012) A Film By Sean Baker Each year, a handful of independent titles are released with filmmakers hoping that both critics and audiences alike catch a glimpse of their project in amongst… Continue reading

John Dies at the End (2012)

John Dies at the End (2012) Just so you know … They’re sorry for everything that’s about to happen. Based on Jason Pargin’s massively popular novel written under the alias name of David… Continue reading

Passion (2012)

Passion (2012) No Backstabbing. Just Business. Director Brian De Palma has had an interesting career thus far, with hits Scarface (1983) and The Untouchables (1987) in the eighties, then fizzling out after Carlito’s Way (1993), with… Continue reading

Stoker (2013)

Stoker (2013) Do Not Disturb the Family. South Korean Director Chan-wook Park has always had a knack for making dark, morbid films, with Old Boy (2003) and Thirst (2009) being prime examples of his masterful… Continue reading

You’re Next (2011)

You’re Next (2011) Did You Remember to Lock Your Door? In the spirit of films such as The Strangers (2008) and The Last House on the Left (2009), filmmaking duo Adam Wingard, V/H/S/2 (2013) and Simon… Continue reading

V/H/S/2 (2013)

V/H/S/2 (2013) Who’s Tracking You? Following the success of Magnet Picture’s and Bloody Disgusting’s 2012 found footage horror anthology V/H/S, producers quickly put together a sequel, hoping it was still fresh enough in… Continue reading

The Wolverine (2013)

The Wolverine (2013) The X-Men films have been a bit of a mixed bag, reaching a particular low point in 2006 with X-Men: The Last Stand. Luckily producers decided to give Wolverine his… Continue reading

Just Like a Woman (2012)

Just Like a Woman (2012) two friends    one journey    no limits French director Rachid Bouchareb, the man responsible for acclaimed historical flicks Days of Glory (2006) and Outside the Law (2010), tries his… Continue reading

Inbred (2011)

Inbred (2011) They came in peace. They left in pieces. There had been a bit of positive buzz surrounding the release of Alex Chandon’s Inbred after Frightfest in 2011, so much so that it… Continue reading