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Into film or anime? Mr. Movie’s Film Blog critiques the latest and the greatest contemporary and classic titles from around the globe!

Owners/ Writers/ Editors:

Dan Cachia (Mr. Movie)

Dan is an AFCA accredited writer who has spent the better part of five years studying film and television, receiving a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, majoring in film and video, at the end of 2007. Dan currently works in education but is still interested in all facets of the movie business. Oh, he also likes cats.


Stu Cachia (S-Littner)

AFCA accredited journalist Stu graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Professional Writing, some years back. Primarily working in education, Stu frequently reviews both film and anime in his spare time. Hoping to expand his creative avenues, Stu has produced several micro-budget films and has begun penning his first screenplay.

Site Contributors:

Travis Johnson

Travis has been described as the Lester Bangs of film criticism. He’ll take it. Find him at — and usually with — Celluloid and Whiskey.

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24 thoughts on “About Our Blog

  1. I am making my way through your reviews and am paying particular attention to the movies I have seen, and I can only say, you have expressed very well my thoughts on them. I wonder if there will be a sequel to District 9, it would have to be one on my most highly regarded films for the combination of script, story, character and actors of recent times. I also agree with your observation about GI JOE; I cannot remember the story now either, but it was good escapism while it lasted. Well done guys!

    1. I’m really looking forward to ‘District 9’ director Neill Blomkamp’s new film ‘Elysium’ starting here on August 15th! Curious to see how is fares up against ‘District 9’ … I’m really looking forward to it … stay tuned and find out!

  2. Hello Mr. Movie,
    I have read many of your reviews and they are great! I too am a movie blogger/reviewer and I was wondering if you have any tips for me. Anyway, I love your blog, and you just earned a follower!

    1. Thanks for following us … 🙂
      As for advice, I’d say try to make your reviews ‘interesting’ to read, also try to be playful with your language and the way you bring your ideas across … and oh, don’t repeat information. That’s my two cents worth 😛 Good luck!

      1. Ok thanks for the advice! Oh and another thing, I am going to make a feature on mcy blog where I interview friends about movies and stuff, maybe you wanna join? Just reply here and we can maybe chat soemtime

      2. Thanks for the offer, but we’re pretty swamped here with previews and screeners … But e-mail me when you’re putting together interviews and I’ll see how I’m going 😊

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